the new ultramodern cultural area


Having as the main design characteristics multiformity and flexibility, the "THEATRON" can host the most demanding productions regarding the arrangement of the area and technological infrastructure. With the use and application of innovative techniques and architectural solutions, the "THEATRON" possesses unique capabilities of re-arrangement, so that it can adapt to the demands of every event: plays and concerts, conferences, exhibitions and spectacles with particular stage demands.

The technical specifications of the "THEATRON" follow the highest standards, while the audiovisual infrastructure is unique in Greece. The stage technologies, which have been designed by top international consultants, apart from the traditional theatre lighting, also provide the opportunity for the creation of virtual scenery and for incorporating happenings in them as well as systems of high definition digital sound. The "THEATRON" possesses complete and ultra-modern conference infrastructure and has the ability to support live connections of image and sound.

Faithful to the vision of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, the "THEATRON" has the ambition of housing contemporary artistic expression and to constitute, combined with the other infrastructures of Hellenic Cosmos, a significant cultural centre in Greece.


The project "THEATRON" is co-funded by the European Union, Community Support Framework 2000-2006, Operational Programme "Culture" (20% National funds, 80% European Regional Development Fund)