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Presentation of a series of six works of Attic comedy, translated by Andreas Ch. Zoulas

On Monday 23rd of November 2009, at 18:30, the Antigone Hall of “THEATRON" will host the presentation of the new translation work of the journalist-author Andreas Ch. Zoulas, who during the last years deals with the translation and publication of surviving works of ancient Greek drama.

The series includes the following works: Euripides’ satiric drama "Cyclops", the last comedy of Aristophanes "Plutus" and four surviving comedies by Menander ("Dyskolos", "Samia", "Epitrepontes" and "Aspis"). The publication is under the auspices of FHW.

The following will talk about the translation work of Andreas Ch. Zoulas and the specific books: the journalist-philologist Mr. Thanasis Antonopoulos, the actor Mr. George Kotanidis and the actor-director Mr. Giannis Mortzos. Extracts from the comedies by Menander "Dyskolos", "Aspis" and "Epitrepontes" will be interpreted on stage by the actors Ms Matina Papageorgiou and Mr. Dimitris Papakonstantinou.


The project "THEATRON" is co-funded by the European Union, Community Support Framework 2000-2006, Operational Programme "Culture" (20% National funds, 80% European Regional Development Fund)