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People and Traditional Professions in the Aegean иии

On Wednesday 10 March 2010 the book "People and Traditional Professions in the Aegean иии" by the Professor of the University of Athens Ms Katerina Korre-Zografou was presented at "THEATRON". The book, published by FHW, is the third part of the series under this name and focuses on the islands of Crete and Skiros. The author examines professions that are declining in our times, under the burden of industrialization and globalization, and at the same time traces the changes in local communities on all levels. She combines in a unique way the written sources, personal narrations and the products of material arts, which constitute valuable primary resource material.
The following spoke about the publication: the Academic Mr. Konstantinos Despotopoulos, Professor Emeritus of Folklore Mr. Michalis Meraklis and the Art Historian Ms Athina Schina. The Deputy Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping Mr Stavros Arnaoutakis addressed the event.


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