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Presentation of FHW's publication Bridge of Hope - Days of Volunteerism

On Wednesday 12 May 2010 the new book by Ms Rea Potamiti "Bridge of Hope - Days of Volunteerism"  was presented at "THEATRON" (Iphigenia Hall). The book records the history of the forty years of operation of the Greek Society of Adlerian Psychology, but also of the involvement of Ms Rea Potamiti with volunteer social work. It presents in a unique way the extraordinary experiences lived by the author, as part of volunteerism, in areas of social work, mainly at the Correctional Institute for Girls. Ms Fifi Vervelidou, psychologist, and Ms Aleka Sakali, specialist in issues of volunteerism, spoke about the book, while extracts were read by the actor Mr. Kostas Gialinis.


The project "THEATRON" is co-funded by the European Union, Community Support Framework 2000-2006, Operational Programme "Culture" (20% National funds, 80% European Regional Development Fund)