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Duration: 02-30/06/2011

Press Release

A group exhibition of works of art entitled "Meditations_on_eBook", which is inaugurated on June 2nd at Ismene Hall of "THEATRON" and will last until June 30th 2011, attempts to present the changes that happen in the traditional form and use of the book as a means for knowledge and entertainment, especially in view of the dissemination of digital content.

It approaches a phenomenon that is the result of the quest of contemporary man and the very fast development of technology, facts that led, in the last few years, to the ability to read digital books through digital media.

Artists, with active presence in Greece and abroad, created works that reflect their individual quests, but also the influences from the social environment regarding the appearance of digital content. Men of letters, engravers, composers, bookbinders and bloggers also participate in this project. The objective is to have a holistic presentation of the process of the creation of a book and to provide the spark for an open discussion. The works expand the relationship of the contemporary reader with information and its processing. The form and the material of the traditional book are deconstructed in various ways.

The traditional "canvas" of the artists is being replaced by digital forms of art and presentation with works in two and three dimensions, aiming at re-defining the nature of information provided by the book. The codes of perceiving, managing, processing, storing and disseminating knowledge are re-shaped. The triptych authors-publishers-readers assumes a new form which is clearly demonstrated in the catalogue of the exhibition.

Alkalai Artemis
Anastasakis Dimitris
Georgiadi-Thessalonikeos Despoina
Daldakis Dimitris
Dramatinou Katerina
Theocharaki Anna
Kalara Nadia
Katsikas Kostas
Kovelis Ilias and Tzolaki Rena
Koubouli Dina
Martinou Eleanna
Meli Anna
Mitrense Christina
Michelaki Thalia
Nollas Kamilo
Oikonamakou Kalliope
Skarogianni Sophia
Skirogianni Eri
Triantafillou Nikos
Chaliori Kate
Hatzimanolaki Poly
Kartaki Stella

The curator of the exhibition is Ms Mina Karagianni, Museologist-Curator.
The author Mr. Nikos Dimou wrote the preface of the catalogue of the exhibition.

The exhibition is under the auspices of the Special Secretariat of Digital Planning of the Ministry or Regional Development and Competitiveness. 


The project "THEATRON" is co-funded by the European Union, Community Support Framework 2000-2006, Operational Programme "Culture" (20% National funds, 80% European Regional Development Fund)